The list of things I’ve now lost since arriving in Dar in September is starting to get embarrassing and expensive. I mean, I’ve always been a very absent minded person, misplacing keys, wallet, and the like – but here in Tanzania I’ve truly reached new heights/lows. In an effort to publicly shame myself into getting my act together and not losing any more stuff – I would like to publish my list of lost items after just 3 months in Tanzania:

  • 2 House keys falling out of pockets/loaned out
  • 1 old BlackBerry model left in a cab
  • 1 replacement cellphone left on a hotel table
  • 4 pairs of sunglasses – two lost, whereabouts unknown, and two broken
  • 1 headlamp probably on the bottom of a certain infamous swimming pool
  • 1 flashlight bought to replace the lost headlamp – stored on top of a broken vehicle while stopped but never retrieved before the vehicle moved again
  • 1 VISA card – whereabouts unknown
  • 1 i-Pod – Hopefully just lost and waiting to be found in the house, but likely picked from my backpack by some sneaky thief
  • 2 pairs of ear buds – one with the ipod and one somewhere in Germany
  • 1 pair of beloved sandals –left on the beach while gone dancing and not there when I returned
  • 1 USB key – whereabouts unknown1 pair of recently purchased gym shoes?
  • 1 Tanzania guide book – sorry Lonely Planet, wrong place at the wrong time
  • Every other sock in the once matching pairs I had brought
  • 1 pair of pants – “Pants? At a time like this!?” –okay, that one isn’t true (yet). I just wanted an excuse to use that line somewhere
  • At this rate I will be coming home with only the clothes on my back…let’s hope this public shaming will help.

    Would you trust this man with your valuables? well, you probably shouldn't.