Krismasi Njema na Heri ya mwaka mpya! Wishing everyone a (very belated) Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

Work is piling up and time is short these days but I wanted to put up a real quick post so this is a photo tour of the Christmas week Mount Kilimanjaro climb. ¬†At the last minute my good friend Pavan altered some travel plans to come join and we took down that mountain! It was very wet, very cold, and one of the tougher and definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done being at the top and watching the sunrise. Maybe I’ll write more about the experience when time permits but hopefully you can get an idea of the experience from a few of these shots. Don’t feel bad if it looks freezing cold – a day later we were lying on the beach in Zanzibar for New Years :)



A damp start to the trek in the rainforest at the bottom of Kilimanjaro

The "Kilimanjaro impatience" flower

The forest changes as we gain altitude...

Hiking through a foggy land of giant Cactus like trees on Day 3

I didn't sign up for hail, sleet, and snow in Tanzania...

At base camp with tomorrow morning's challenge in the background

A kilimanjaro sunset dips beneath the clouds below us

Glaciers on the top of the volcanoe rim

The view from Uhuru peak

Dan and Pavan successfully reaches Uhuru Peak at 6:30am!