Just a real quick update now on the what the months ahead hold. Our original 8 month contracts here at MEDA Tanzania have officially finished and Mzungu paradise is emptied out and the goodbyes have been said. Tomorrow afternoon we will be boarding a train out of Dar es Salaam for a rather epic two months of travels and World Cup goodness. I’ve got pretty much every mode of transportation covered on this journey (train, bus, ferry, car rental, walking..) and I am sure there are many more surprise methods of getting from A to B in store.

The group for the first leg of the journey is Jeremy, our neighbour Cooper who decided to join last minute, and a friend of a friend New Zealander who we met yesterday. We will meet up with Zach and another good friend from Dar, Kim, at Victoria Falls halfway down at the start of June and then aim to meet up with more Dar friends in Johannesburg for the opening night party on June 10th. I estimate I will travel somewhere between 5,000-6,000 km’s from Dar es Salaam to Capetown where I will catch the flight home in early July. Tanzania – Malawi – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Botswana – South Africa –England – Canada are on tap. Wish me luck. Check out the interactive Google Map I made up of the vaguely planned trip below!

View It it shall be called Epic… in a larger map

I’ll do my best to add a quick update on the current location and travels if I get the chance in the weeks ahead – I’ve heard the internet is everywhere these days…even in cyberspace –so keep an eye on here.