The idea of registering my own name ( started out as a joke.. but here it is live in all it’s glory so I figure I might use a quick moment here to describe how it came about since I feel like a bit of a loser for having it.

When my co-worker at my previous workplace showed me one day that he had already registered several domain names in anticipation of his not yet existent children and with their potential first and last names…I figured that I had better get on board and see if my name was still out there to be had. I figured that surely pretty much every reasonable domain name on the internet was taken by now…(for a good take on this topic there is this great old school SNL skit about an investment firm a bit slow get hop on the e-commerce bandwagon..) . You laugh but there are plenty of famous Daniel Albrecht’s that have preceded me – so I honestly didn’t expect it.

A quick search  found that was still available, just waiting to be claimed by the right person who would treat her right. I joked around about buying my domain name for at least 6 months but never actually following through with it – mainly because I didn’t really have anything to broadcast to the world. A while later I told my co-worker about this gig in Tanzania and how I needed to write a blog during my internship. Low and behold as a parting gift he went out and bought the domain name for me and kindly set this site up on his servers and everything.  Thanks Libin! And that is the story of how I came to be the kind of guy that registers his own name with a dot-com on the end.

And now to justify the title….another dusty foot philosopher…

the in questiondusty feet

I should start by saying that the title of this blog is most definitely not original –it’s the title of the Somali -Canadian rapper K’naan‘s album and song by a similar name. I listened to it when I first arrived here and thought that it had some nice relevance.

Tanzania is a dusty, dusty place. The sand and dirt are an inescapable part of everyday life living in Dar especially when your primary means of transportation are your own two feet. We live in a real posh area of the city out on the ocean, but the downside of this is that there is severely limited public transportation available meaning that we end up doing a lot of walking. My feet are pretty much in a perpetual state of dirtiness over here and remain an odd tinge of brownish black most of the time..I mean you can try and clean them in the shower…but what’s the point when they will just get dirty again when you head back out into the dust?

The other thing about walking in Dar is that you really spend a good portion of your time just looking down as you walk. It’s not because it’s not a beautiful place or there aren’t stunning things to see -it’s just that its a bloody hazardous place to walk in sandals sometimes. If it’s not broken glass underfoot, it’s a rock or a random sharp piece of twisted metal pipe coming out of the sidewalk just waiting to mangle your toes.  I learned this lesson the hard way in my first week in Dar, escaping with a few minor cuts and my roommate Zach already lost both toenails on his big toes within the first two weeks. For your own safety its a requirement to spend a good portion of your time with your eyes on the ground just keeping an eye out for dangers and studying how dirty your feet are.

It’s during many of these long dusty walks spent with my head down that most of these blog ideas have been popping up in my head so I figured it just might work as a blog title. As a side note, I do realize I haven’t necessarily done much actual philosophizing or deep writing yet and therefore maybe shouldn’t be self-proclaiming to be a philosopher yet….but I have the best of intentions of doing it someday.

Plus this title  just sounds  less douchey than keeping it as…

p.s. I am told the short rainy season is set to begin any day now…the muddy foot philosopher?

p.s.s. Funny related tangent story. I was showing my pictures from the trip thus far that were on my camera to a German friend of ours here in Dar this past weekend. As I flipped through the shots she became a bit disturbed by the number of self-portraits of my feet that I had on my camera that I had taken in attempts to find a good shot for inclusion in this blog post. I suppose it might have been a good idea to give a little background information re the reason for the pictures before hand….and that, my friends,  is how you get a reputation of being ‘that guy’ with the unhealthy obsession with his own feet. Stephi, is the existence of this site and post proof enough I don’t have a foot fetish? :)