Hey everyone,

Long time no blog post from this dusty foot philosopher! I’d give you a list of half-decent excuses as long as you’d like but in the end none are really that valid so I won’t bother. But thank your lucky stars, I’m back for a quick post today. The topic? As the Eagles sang, pushing yourself to the limit.

In this case, we are talking specifically about taking your physical body to the limits and I have two fun updates from the past and near future!
1.) This past February I ran in the Kilimanjaro half-marathon and I’ve meant to post an update about that race since but never finished it- well, the update and photos are now posted below.
2.) This coming Sunday, August 4th I will be trying my luck at my first full olympic-distance triathlon in Watamu, Kenya with a group of friends!

The triathlon will be taking place the same time as the women’s Olympic triathlon in London so while your watching that you can laugh a my foolishness to take this on. The race I will be doing will be the same distances – that’s 1.5km open ocean swim, 40km bike ride, and a 10km run on the trails and the beach. Should be absolutely unenjoyable but I am aiming to finish in 3-3.5hrs! There is more information on the 2012 Wildman Kenya Triathlon race here.

Since we were taking on this big personal challenge we thought we could also use it as an opportunity to raise some funds to go to a good cause from family and friends back home who might be interested in supporting us. I’m not very good at this fundraising thing but since I have this blog available and some people who do check-in I thought I would put a quick post up about it to raise more awareness.

Our team chose to raise money for Saving Africa’s Nature (SANA)’s Bio Agriculture project as it was an issue close to many of our hears. This project is aimed at economically empowering the women of Matipwili village through transitioning to sustainable and organic agriculture which they will sell to the various tourist lodges and villages in the park. Matipwili village borders on Saadani National Park along the coast of Tanzania and this project aims to reduce the illegal hunting and de-forestation (for charcoal selling) that is happening across the country. Learn more about the project here!

No pressure at all, but if you are interested and financially able to donate – you can do so through this PayPal link (you can pay with any credit cards -just login as a guest) or by contacting me directly. I’m happy to put in the money now so that it can be donated to SANA and then collect from you at a future date when we see each other next! As a team of 7 we are aiming to raise upwards of $4,000 for this cause which should help to expand the project from its initial pilot phase to a full implementation. Any small amount helps so donate here!

Kilimanjaro Half Marathon

After wanting to do this race last year but all that resulted was months of talk with no actual training – I finally made it happen on February 26th 2012 and ran in the very fun Kilimanjaro Half Maration event in Moshi, TZ on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. A stormy and rain filled morning resulted in quite the adventure (18 wazungu hijacking a dalla-dalla to bring us to the stadium) to finally make it to the starting point when the road was too washed out and the bus got stuck.

Pre-Race: I watched a movie recently with the wise quip “you can’t win a marathon without putting bad-aids on your nipples”. I took this to heart and, trying to look like a professional with a chance of winning, bought Where’s Waldo band-aids for my nips. An informal pre-race survey found that most of my fellow runners did not take it that seriously.

Mid-Race Report: 10.5 km very uphill and then turn around and run back down. Kind of depressing cause in the end, after all that effort, you didn’t really feel like you’d gone anywhere…

Post-Race Report: Who knew running 21.1 kms up and down could be so much fun? Hint: Not my knees.

Good times though and hope to do a few more again in the future.

Editors Note: Dan has not put on his running shoes again since returning from this race at the end of February. That could be because they were stolen shortly after (add it to the list) or that’s just a convenient excuse.

Editors Note 2: This earlier Editors Note written in April is now out of date – thankfully he’s gone running at least a few times to train for this triathlon on the weekend. That said, since the good running shoes went missing he’ll be doing the tri in a pair of old basketball shoes – the experts unanimously agree that this is probably a good idea and will only help complete the ‘professional look’  that the swim suit and second-hand African market women’s bicycle he’ll be riding have begun. One word for you: intimidation.