You have stumbled upon the attempt at a blog from a guy that hasn’t blogged before and doesn’t really like the idea of writing his thoughts for the world to read… but will be doing it anyway – for the greater good of humanity so that this pure wisdom can be recorded and held for future generations in the annals of history/the internet.

I’m a Canadian young professional working with an economic development and aid NGO called MEDA in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I first came to Tanzania in September 2009 and have signed on for two additional contracts since then. This year, I have returned to live and work in Dar es Salaam for another year through to summer of 2012 with the same organization.

I’ve set up this website partially to be an opportunity to keep friends and family up to date on my life/travels/thoughts on international development/ramblings/adventures/ and photography over here across the sea. I’m also very much hoping to share my experience with others that might be thinking of taking off for awhile to do something similar and finally to share work that MEDA is doing here in Tanzania and around the world because it is some very cool stuff…”business solutions to poverty” is MEDA’s tagline and has a very particular appeal for me.

All of this is (and more!) will be up on this website throughout the my time abroad to share with you and whomever else happens to arrive on this site  (because I hear that is one of the most visited sites on the net…how it was still available for my purchase is still a mystery). I hope you enjoy!

You can feel free to contact me via comments on this site or via email at



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